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TDC Wholesale offers products at competitive prices and functionality, tailored to markets needs. Our wholesale product portfolio includes high-quality wholesale products within the areas capacity and IP. TDC’ extensive Nordic network is covering Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

One partner, one contract, one contact point

With TDC Wholesale as your partner you gain access to seamless services in all four countries enjoying the benefit of having one partner, one main contract, one contact point, one SLA and one bill.

Your choice of options range from capacity services to integrate into your backbone and customers services to MPLS based IP VPN services.

If you would like to leverage on our IP/data and capacity services, you gain access in the Nordic countries but may as well meet us in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Amsterdam or London.

The wholesale services provided are as follows:

Network Capacity Services (NCS) consist of point-to-point connections offered in TDC’s Nordic fibre network, which combined with points of presence in strategic locations in continental Europe provides excellent coverage and redundancy. NCS provides a secure connection fully managed by TDC. The service is offered on a Nordic, European and national basis. The service allows carriers and ISPs to build and complement their backbone networks. The service supports up to 10 Gbit/s.

Nordic IP VPN is a dedicated MPLS-based IP-VPN fully managed by TDC. The service is a high-quality IP-based VPN service provided for operators’ own customers in the Nordic region. The service is available from 512 kbit/s to 1 Gbit/s. TDC offers three different types of CPE management service concepts – Fully managed, HW managed and Unbundled.

Nordic Ethernet VPN is a Layer 2 capacity service that allows customers to build and design their own enterprise network using Ethernet over MPLS (EoMPLS) technology. This gives the customer a transparent Ethernet VLAN between two geographically disperse locations anywhere in the Nordic region. VLANs can be established in point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configurations.

By enabling Quality of Service (QoS), real-time applications like IP telephony get priority over other less sensitive applications.

IP Transit is a high-quality IP-based transit service offered through TDC’s own Pan-Nordic network to Nordic, European and Global Internet Exchange points (IX).

Dark Fiber & Colocation. TDC offers dark fiber in its entire core fiber network, including private space for transmission equipment in regenerator stations. TDC offers leasing of dark fiber on a monthly basis as well as IRUs contracted up to 20 years.

Wholesale VoIP is a white label VoIP solution that provides the customer with VoIP termination and origination into and from the PSTN. Wholsale VoIP is network independent and works both with phone adapters (ATA’s) and «softphones» that support either the MGCP or the SIP protocol. The quality achieved is comparable to PSTN and requires no own gateway equipment from the wholesale customer connecting to the service.

Carrier VoIP Interconnect allows operators to connect to the TDC networks and to exchange traffic with the public telephony network, PSTN, directly over IP. The service provider thus does not need to invest in or manage operations and support of their own gateway equipment and transmission capacity for interconnecting traffic. This gives immediate and significant savings through both reduced investments and lowered operative costs.

Internet Access
TDC Wholesales Internet Access product offers the customer access to the Internet by accessing TDC’s IP Network.
The access types and bandwidths are dependent on geographical possibilities and customer needs.

  • Access is delivered as xDSL or Fibre access
  • Bandwidth is delivered from 512 Kb/s – 1 Gb/s
  • TDC Internet is delivered with CPE
  • Performance quality is Best Effort
  • TDC Wholesale Internet Access is delivered with Standard Service
  •  (at least 1 public IP address)
  • Higher service levels can be bought (Primary and Exclusive Service)

Numbering Serivces
National  and Nordic number services. PSTN and non  geographical access numbers terminated anywhere. This  services  fit for  customers that wants to offer there special numbering services in all Nordic countries.

International Voice Termination
TDC routes and terminates international voice traffic into the Nordic countries through its backbone and local interconnects and vice versa.


Customer Support Wholesale

Phone: +47 21 50 21 50
E-mail: 02150@tdc.no